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How To Keep Pearls?

Preserve their lustre


Pearl jewellery should be the last item worn in the morning and the first item you remove at night. Cosmetics, hair products and perfume can all cause damage to pearls, so following this rule will help you preserve your pearls’ lustre.


Store them carefully

We recommend storing pearls separately from other jewellery. Pearls are softer than other gemstones and can be easily scratched if they come in contact with other jewellery. Silk jewellery pouches are perfect for careful storage.


Servicing and Restringing


It is recommended that you have strung pearl jewellery, such as bracelets and necklaces, restrung every 1-4 years, depending on how often the piece is worn. Keep an eye on the string; if there are signs of stretching, discolouration or fraying, have the item restrung as soon as possible.

Gentle cleaning


The best way to keep pearls looking radiant is to wipe them gently with a clean, soft cloth when necessary. This will remove any surface dirt, keeping the pearls’ lustre visible. It is important to remember that pearls need to be treated differently to other gemstones: they should not be submerged in water, or come in to contact with any kind of soap or detergent.

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